RISE with Bhakti Center

Ongoing access to weekly classes, support groups, discussion forums, and more

 RISE is more than just content and information.  In addition to regular classes, you will have access to a growing community where you can build friendships and foster spiritual relationships to support you along your journey. This is your portal for genuine transformation and personal growth.


What you'll receive:

  1. Weekly classes on topics ranging from personal development, spiritual wisdom, relationships, and health + wellness

  2. Open Community Spaces to connect with others, share what you learn, and ask questions

  3. Community Groups where members meet regularly for real life conversations and connections

  4. Ongoing access to our very own Bhakti Center Podcast

Testimonials from RISE members

I have used RISE for just about 2 months and I have grown spiritually and met so many positive people!  I am truly excited about this platform, and cannot wait for more! –Sydney Knoll, Texas

RISE is like a virtual Bhakti town square that can be visited at any time – an online meeting place to share ideas, to learn, and to be inspired. It’s an incredibly welcoming, thoughtful, and supportive community. – Matthew Sava, New Jersey

The RISE membership has made Bhakti so much more accessible for me. The platform gives you the flexibility to carve out time for Bhakti as and when my schedule permits. The breadth of classes like Gita lessons, asana practices and sacred song sessions has really helped me learn and delve deeper into the beautiful world of Bhakti. – Sid, New York City

RISE helps me feel connected to a Bhakti community that is otherwise hard to connect to living in a big city. It is easily accessible anytime through an app and it helps to have all of the recordings of the classes available. – Rachana Thakkar, Texas

All the online classes, workshops, monthly challenges, reflections, interactive spaces and so on, presents Bhakti in a very practical, accessible, and inclusive way. Whether you’re advanced or new to Bhakti, this community has so much you can benefit from!
– Lilesvari Leticia Batista, Brazil

RISE gave me this sense of belonging despite geographical distance (New York to Manila).  Even though it is only virtual and no physical interaction, one could still gain the quality of spiritual understanding and feel the energy of being associated with like-minded people. – Kristin Ramos, Philippines 

Benefits of Joining Rise:

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